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The best flowering shrubs.

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Director of horticulture for all of the Royal Horticultural Gardens in the UK, Gardiner says he became hooked on flowering shrubs as a student and has been taking slides of ones that make rewarding garden plants for more than 40 years. These plants have been collected worldwide as well as introduced by hybridizers and nurseries. The 1,700 illustrated here are arranged alphabetically by genus name with notes on size, need for sun/shade, flowering period, and hardiness. A “Table of Selected Shrubs” lists key design and cultural characteristics. One of the most beautiful books of the year.

By Brian E. Coutts and Cheryl LaGuardia Library Journal 28/02/2013

'Destined to become a reference for years to come.'- Val Bourne.

Gardens Illustrated- 10 favourite books of 2012 Gardens Illustrated 01/12/2012

Lastly, a new reference book no serious gardener will want to be without: The Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs by Jim Gardiner, the director of horticulture at the RHS (Timber Press, £35): 2,000 pictures, brief but authoritative cultivation data, organised alphabetically by botanical name: the business, in short.

The Evening Standard 16/08/2012

This is a book on shrubs to admire and enjoy ... a feast for the eye with its 2000 illustrations of over 1700 flowering shrubs suitable for gardens of the temperate regions. Entries are arranged alphabetically beginning with Abelia and ending with Zenobia and their quality is generally excellent, sometimes outstanding .... the author expresses a hope that his book will take its readers on a "journey of discovery" and that is exactly what it delivers.

Roy Lancaster The Horticulturist 01/05/2012

This book is destined to become a reference book for years to come. It is one I shall use a lot.

Val Bourne Gardens Illustrated 01/04/2012

In The Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs Jim Gardener has distilled the knowledge of several decades to come up with an incomparable pictorial reference of hardy flowering shrubs that excel in the world's temperate-zone gardens. There is an excellent Glossary and a section on further reading. The author has used the RHS Plant Finder to ensure the correct, up-to-date plant name and he has also included any additional selling, or trade name, for reference... I guarantee it will be one book which you will not just leave sitting on the garden bookshelf and suspect that it will certainly be one of my most used reference works.

Reckless Gardener 01/04/2012

From "The top five gardening books of spring 2012":

This book is bound to become a handy reference work for any gardener: with more than 1700 plants organised alphabetically and photographed beautifully, there is plenty to inspire.

The Guardian 10/05/2012

[This book] goes against the norm of this genre and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in flowering shrubs.

The Patient Gardener blog 01/03/2012

... contains essential cultivation information, pruning requirements and provides an essential reference tome for your gardening ... beautifully illustrated hardback book.

Garden News 14/02/2012