Timber Press

Beware! The sordid lives of plants behaving badly.

Media Reviews

The eclectic information ranging from classical Greek texts to Saddam Hussein, from Pliny to Harry Potter, contained in the book is truly comprehensive.

Anthony Lyman-Dixon Herbs 01/06/2011

An entertaining read accompanied by some witty ilustrations.

Koi 01/06/2011

Amy Stewart's book is beautifully presented. Etchings, drawings and calligraphy give the appearance of an ancient herbal with a hint of Harry-Potter spell book... The writing style is very readable, light and entertaining. It's a fun, informative book about what Stewart calls the 'unfathomable evils' of the plant kingdom and the presentation makes it an enticing read.

Eden Magazine 01/09/2010

Put this book on your Christmas wish list.

Sue Nottingham Plantlife 01/11/2010